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The Technology Review column, written by Jerry Isdale (email at, is a monthly feature of VR News. Each issue covers a different enabling technology for Virtual Reality, accompanied by pictures and a listing of resources. This page provides links to the on-line version of the resource listings.

Editorial Calendar for 2000
January/February 2000 3D Workstations
March 2000 Alternative I/O
April 2000 Motion Platforms
May 2000 Usability Engineering
June, July, Aug/Sept and Oct 2000 issues were not published Virtual Humans, Multi-user Immersive Display Systems, 3D Modelling, Haptics
November 2000 Augmented Reality
December 2000 Head Mounted Displays

Columns from 1998-99
I took over the column in August 1998
August/September '98 3D Scanning Systems
October '98 Haptics Technology
November '98 Head Mounted Displays
December '98 High-End 3D Graphics Accelerators
January/February '99 Information Visualization
March '99 Networked VR Tools
April '99 Motion Platforms
May '99 Speech I/O
June '99 Virtual Audio
July '99 Authoring and Simulation Toolkits
August/September '99 Immersive Projection Displays
October '99 Motion Tracking and Capture Tech
November '99 Navigation and Gestural Devices
December '99 Head Mounted Displays

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