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Haptics Links

October 1998
(updated March 1999)

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Reference Material

The Haptics Community Web Page:an excellent source of information.
They have an extensive on-line library, links pages. and a nice Image Gallery
OTT Spider: Haptic (Sensory/Touch) Interfaces
Definition of Haptics (Websters)
Definition of Haptics (Howard Rheingold)
IDA Review of Virtual Environment Interface Technology
Sci.virutal-worlds Haptics FAQ
GA Tech: Haptics Reading-list
BOOK: Force and Touch Feedback for Virutal Reality
BOOK: Human and Machine Haptics based on 1997 Workshop, due to be published by MIT Press.


1997 Workshop on Human and Machine Haptics
1998 SPIE International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Advanced Manufacturing
Telemanipulator and Telepresence Technologies V (AM16)
1998 Symposium on Haptic Interfaces
Haptics Symposium '98 Final Program
Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference

Other Link Pages

Yahoo! "Haptics" Search Results
MIT Touch Lab Links
Margaret Minsky's Haptics People, Places, and Things
1997 Workshop on Human and Machine Haptics: Links
Harvard Haptics Links
SensAble Technologies: Haptics Resources

Research Pages

(Labs, Students, etc. For more complete info see Haptics Community)
UC Berkeley Human Engineering Lab
University of British Columbia, Prof. Tim Salcudean's Lab
CMU: Peter Berkelman's page
Fraunhofer IGD: Haptics
Harvard BioRobotics Lab
U. of Hull (UK Virtual Environment Lab): John Ward
Iowa State Center for Emerging Manufacturing Technology
MIT AI Lab Haptics Group
MIT AI Lab Vision and Touch Guided Manipulation Group
MIT Media Lab: Tangible Media Group
MIT Media Lab: Spatial Imaging and Haptics
MIT Media Lab: Liquid Haptics Thesis
MIT Touch Lab
MIT TouchLab: Cagatay Basdogan's Home Page
MIT: ARPA: Haptic Interaction for Biomedicine
McGill University: Robotics Lab Haptics
McGill University: Oliver Astley
Northwestern U. LIMS Haptics Page
NWU - Welcome to the Haptics Web Site
NMU: M.Brown Thesis Haptic Display
PERCRO (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy)
Queens University Touch Lab (Susan Lederman, Canada)
Rutgers Human-Machine Interface Lab
Revelation Project - Equipment & Resources: Haptic Technology
Stanford Dextrous Manipulation Lab
Stanford CCRMA Touchback Keyboard
U.Utah Rapid Virtual Prototyping of Mechanical Assemblies
U.Washington BioRobotics Lab Haptic Displays
U.Washington BioRobotics Pen Based's home page
U.Wisconsin, Craig Zilles's Haptics page.


Haptic,VR interface (Toshiyuki Ohashi)
Iwata Lab. Univ.of.Tsukuba Home Page
Robotics Research in Japan
Research Activities in Yoshikawa Lab.
Takahashi's Haptics Page

Commercial Sites

AEA Technologies: BSP Bi-Lateral Force Reflecting Joystick
Bertec Corporation: Surgical Simulator Haptic Interfaces
Boston Dynamics: Interactive Haptics
CM Research - Displaced Temperature System
Control Advancements Inc.: VR Mouse
CYBERNET Systems Corporation  (haptics group purchased by Immersion Inc, March 1999)
Cybernet CyberImpact
Flaxon Alternative Interface Technologies (FAIT)
FAIT Baseball Bat Haptic Feedback System
Haptic Technologies Inc.
Immersion Corporation
Immersion's force-feedback
Immersion's Feel-it Mouse
Immersion Iforce Technology
Iforce Product Gallery (images)
Iforce Links
(Iforce)ACT Labs Force RS Steering Wheel
(Iforce) AVB Tech Steering Wheel
(Iforce) CH Products: FORCE FX
(Iforce)HAAP Controls Joystick Stick
(Iforce) Logitech Wingman Force Wheel
(Iforce)Leda Force Wheels

Immersion Impulse Engine
Immersion Medical Products

Institut für Angewandte Informatik: KISMET Simulation Homepage
MechDyne Haptics
Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback
MPB Technologies Inc.-Freedom 6S
Nissho Electronics : Visual Communication Division
SensAble Technologies: Home Page

SensAble Technologies: What is 3D Touch?

Sarcos Home Page
Sarcos Dexterous Manipulators
Virtual Technologies

Force API's

Microsoft DirectInput PR
Microsoft DirectInput (Part of DirectX)
Immersion's IForce
Immersion's FeelIt API
Cybernet's CyberImpactSDK
Sensable Technologies GHOST


Haptics: South African multimedia developer No real Haptics technology!