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What Is Virtual Reality?

A Web-Based Introduction
Version 4 – Draft 1, September, 1998
Jerry Isdale,
email: isdale AT

I'm sorry but some of the links embedded in the html versions do not display or work correctly.
This is due to the converter RTFtoHTML I used to convert the original MS Word document into HTML. If anyone has a better solution please tell me about it!

For a Frames based version of this document
For a Non-Frames based version
For the RTF format document (zipped)
For the MS Word format (zipped)

For a selection of links to other sites and VR Technologies see: VR Links

I used to write the Technology Review column for VR News magazine. Someday the information from those reviews will make its way into this document or a successor.  For now, do check the resource links from my column.

NOTE: I have given several tutorials at ACM and IEEE conferences.  The latest was at IEEE VR 2003. Turns out to be the 10th anniversary of my first release of WhatIsVR... so here is the PDF of the slides from that course...

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