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Disclaimer: These are are pretty much what I had bookmarked under VR.
They not complete and only slightly sorted and will go bad sooner or later.
For my sorted topical index see: Jerry Isdale's Tech Review Links

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Starting Places:

U.Washington HITLab Knowledge Base Project
HITL KBP On The Net - Resources
Yahoo! - Virtual Reality
web3d urls
Bjorn's Virtual Reality Resource Index
Noma's VR index

Reference Sites

Jerry Isdale's What Is VR?
ECU VR Course (Veronica S. Pantelidis)
The VRML Repository
The Java3D Repository
3D Benchmark - The standard test for 3D performance on PCs
3D Data Formats
CICA Graphics 3D Object File Formats
3D Engines List
Introduction to Virtual Reality (Michael Louka)
IDA Review of Virtual Environment Interface Technology
OTA VR & Technologies for Combat Simulation
OTA Distributed Interactive Simulation of Combat

Books search Virtual Reality
The Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook
The Virtual Reality Source, Kenneth Geyer and Tom Scott

Discussion Groups, Organizations & Magazines:

Usenet: Scivirtual-worlds
VR News magazine
4th WAVE
The International Journal of Virtual Reality
VRML Developer's Journal
VRML World Hotlinks Forum
Web Developer® All About VRML
Computer Graphics World
VReMAG! VR electronic Magazine
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
HFES VETG Virtual Environments Technical Group
The IMAGE Society Computer Visual Simulation
LAVUG - Los Angeles VRML User's Group
Venice Interactive Community
3D User Interface Home
Web3D Consortium
The Game AI Page Building Artificial Intelligence in Games
The Game Programming MegaSite
Stereoskopklubben (StereoPhotography)


Doug A Bowman
William Chapin's WWW Bio
Ian Feldberg's VR Buying Guide
Chris Hand's Old Home Page
Chris Hand's New Home Page
Mike Heim
Michael Louka
Bernie Roehl
Kevin E. Schmidt - Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Page
Dr. Veronica S. Pantelidis

Research Links

Database Visualisation Special Interest Group
virtual reality transfer protocol (vrtp)
DIS-Java-VRML Working Group
Boids (Flocks, Herds, and Schools a Distributed Behavioral Model)
East Carolina U. VR Education Laboratory
HITLab Virtual Retinal Display (VRD) Group
Research at the MIT Media Laboratory
Northeastern University VE Lab
CAREN motion platform article
Advanced Displays and Spatial Perception Laboratory
Univ of IL at Chicago, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Center For Really Neat Research
Texas A&M Visualization Laboratory
UCSD The Wilson Group Web Site
U. Sheffield Virtual Reality in Medicine and Biology Group
Canadian NRC: Visual Information Technology
Swedish Royal Institute of  Technology, Center for Parallel Computers - VR-Cube
US Air Force Virtual Environments, 3D Medical Imaging and Computer Graphics Lab
US EPA Scientific Visualization Center - Home Page
US NIST Open Virtual Reality Testbed
US Navy Modeling & Simulation
US Navy NAMRL Spatial Orientation Systems Team Home Page
US NIST Visualization and Virtual Reality Group
US Sandia National Labs Virtual Reality


ACM SIGGRAPH Conferences and Workshops
IEEE Virtual Reality 1999 Conference
IEEE Visualization '98 Conference Home Page
IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers
Medicine Meets Virtual Reality
SPIE Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference
SPIE Electronic Imaging

Commercial Links

3D Expo - The site for premier 3D stereoscopic images, information, and entertainment
3Dlabs- Web Site
3dfx World Homepage (gamer evangelist not the company)
5 Inc Five Inc
AC3D - 3D Graphics Modeller - HOME PAGE
Andrea Electronics (microphone/headsets)
Aesthetic Solutions Virtual Reality Authoring Tools May 1998
BioControl Systems Neural interface technology
Boston Dynamics, Inc
C3D Digital (Strata 3D Products & Stereo TV)
Cartia, Inc
Century Computing, Inc -- ClientServer Systems Integration and Application Development Services
Cosmo Software VRML
CULT3D Home & News
Digital Vehicles Simulators
Displaytech, Inc A Miniature Display Company
Doug Barnard's Virtual Acreage
Engineering Animation, Inc
Evans & Sutherland Home Page
Eyeglass Mounted Color Monitor by AlbaTech, Inc
Fakespace, Inc
Fifth Dimension Technologies
General Reality Company
Genesis 3D Engine by Eclipse Entertainment
i-glasses developer page
i-glasses Website
In-Harmony Technology - Home
Interactive Imaging Systems, Inc (VFX3D HMD)
InWorld's SpaceCrafter API - Real Time 3D In Java!
IPIX- The World Leader in Immersive Imaging
Meme(tm) Virtual Reality on the Internet
Motion Analysis Corporation
n-Vision HMDs
NDimension Home Page Real-Time 3D Simulation Development Tools
Nissho Electronics Visual Communication Division
Prosolvia AB
SGI Silicon Graphics Virtual Reality
Siemens Ultrasound
IBM T Spaces
TGS (Template Graphics Software)
Trimension - The Leading Virtual Systems Integrator
Play Incorporated
SpectraFX Inc
Virtual Presence - VRWEB
VisKit - 3D Real Time Scene Graph Rendering Engine For Windows
The Vivid Group Home Page
Vivid's Mandala VR System
VR Depot
VRwave Home Page
WareOnEarth, Inc -Visual Simulation, Network Engineering, e-commerce, RealityZone 3D
Xybernaut Corporation
Xtensory Main Page