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Navigation and Gesture Devices

November 1999

Background Articles Link Pages Research Commercial Vendors

Background Articles

3DUI list home
3D UI Discussion List: discussion archive, annotated bibliography, member list, info on full day tutorial "The Art and Science of 3D Interaction" (VR99, VRST'99, VR2000) covering interaction techniques, devices, design and usability evaluations.
Virginia Tech/VPST Usability Framework
Ensuring Usability in Virtual Environments - excellent work on effective use of devices for VE.
Virginia Tech: Doug A. Bowman's Research
PhD thesis completed at Georgia Tech on Interaction Techniques for Common Tasks in Immersive Virtual Environments: Design, Evaluation, and Application.
Pulsar Org
Totally Neat Gadget (TNG) provides 8 analog, 8 digital inputs on RS232 port. Neat Tools provides free data flow visual programming for TNG. Pulsar's folks make some cool interaction gadgets using these tools. Technology
VR Hardware Tech Tutorials from US Naval Postgraduate School Seminar in Fall 1999

Link Pages

Bill Buxton's Directory of Sources for Input Technologies
Very extensive list of interaction devices, vendors, web sites, etc.
Chris Hand's 3D Device Support Page
software and technical information relating to 3-D input and output devices


Aalborg University Data Glove Driver and Gesture Server
freely available(incl source) Data Glove Driver Gesture Server. Primarily for 5th Dimension's glove.
Asia Pacific CHI1998 proceedings
Session 6-2: Gesture; plus lots of multimodal interaction, usability, etc.
Bauhaus U. Weimar: Ernst kruijff
Application of 3D UI techniques in the architectural preliminary design phase
Brown U. VEN LAB Home Page
Investigating the role of visual information in developing spatial representations.
Catholic U.A. Cognition & Virtual RealityLab
Spatial Learning in VR
CMU: Neural Net Gesture SW
(1996) Hidden Markov Models for Interactive Learning of Hand Gestures
De Montfort University - Howell Istance
Eye-based Interaction
DFG Spatial Cognition
focuses on investigating and modeling natural cognitive systems engaged in representing and processing spatial knowledge and on theoretical issues involved.
Fraunhofer IDG: IDEAL - Interaction Device Abstraction Layer.
IDEAL is an interaction system providing a GUI and C++ API that allows interaction to be implemented independently of application hardware.
Georgia Tech - Irfan Essa
Video based gesture recognition - full body, face, hands
Gesture Workshop '97
Proceedings available online and as book from Springer Verlag.
Gesture Workshop '99
Springer-Verlag publishes GW proceedings in their "Lexture Notes in Artifica Intelligence" (LNAI) series.
GWU - Rob Lindeman's Publications
Empirical Study of User Interfaces for Immersive Virtual Environments
IBM Research - Shumin Zhai
Ergonomics of Manipulation and Navigation in 3D interfaces
LeHigh University - Drew Kessler
Encapsulation of Interaction Techniques: Simple Virtual Interactor Framework and Toolkit (SVIFT) is an extension of Georgia Tech's Simple Virtual Environment (SVE). Paper presented at VR99.
Leicester University, Department of Psychology, VR group.
Researching the psychology of spatial learning in virtual environments. A particular interest is whether, and to what extent, physically disabled individuals can benefit from exploration of VEs.
Max-Planck-Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen Germany
Spatial Cognition group explores wayfinding aspects of navigation using virtual environments
Microsoft Research - Matthew Turk
using vision to enhance human-computer interaction
Microsoft Research, Ken Hinckley, U.Virginia
A Survey of Design Issues in Spatial Input
MIT Media Lab - Smart Fabric, or Washable Computing
Cloth with conductive fillaments can be used to build keyboards and other devices directly into clothing.
NPS Interact Research Group
US Naval Postgrad School - Interaction research group (Wayfinding, transference from virtual to real, etc.)
Oregon Graduate Institute: Quickset Project
QuickSet is an agent-based, wireless, collaborative, multimodal system that enables multiple users to create and control military simulations. Using speech and gesture, users position entities and give them behavior.
Stanford One Handed Typing Tools
Tech Eval of One-Handed Typing Tools
U. Dortmund Gesture Research
ZYKLOP - Hand Gesture Recognition Software using color video cameras
U. Dortmund Vison based Gesture Systems
Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition Systems
U.Dortmund Gesture Research - Argus
ARGUS - Vision Based Hand Gesture for Remote Control of Devices
U.New South Wales:Mohammed Waleed Kadous
Machine Gesture and Sign Language Recognition
UCSB - Research Center for Virtual Environments and Behavior (RECVEB) at the University of California, Santa Barbara
UCSB Psych - Jack Loomis
perceptual and cognitive processes underlying complex spatial behavior
UCSB Psych - Sarah Chance
Research Center for Virtual Environments and Behavior
UCSB Spatial Cognition
Individula Differences in Environmental Spatial Cognition
USArmy Dismounted Warrior Network (DWN)
integrated collection of virtual individual combatant (VIC) simulators designed for dismounted infantry (DI)
Virginia Tech - Taxonomy of Usability
A Taxonomy of Usability Characteristics in Virtual Environments
Virginia Tech/VPST Usability Framework
Ensuring Usability in Virtual Environments
Virginia Tech: Doug A. Bowman's Research
PhD thesis completed at Georgia Tech on Interaction Techniques for Common Tasks in Immersive Virtual Environments: Design, Evaluation, and Application.

Commercial Vendors

Company Products
Acoustic Positioning Systems (APR) inc.
GAMS ultrasonic large area tracker
Ascension Technology Corporation 6DOF Mouse
6DOF Mouse is a 3 button mouse with an integral Ascension DC Magnetic tracker.
BG Systems
High quality joystick and other interaction devices.
BioControl Systems
Neural interface technology: Biomuse 8 signal system; new head/arm signals for PC; receives data from four main sources of electrical activity in the human body: muscles (EMG signals), eye movements (EOG signals), the heart (EKG signals), and brain waves (EEG signals)
Datahand Systems
Ergonomic keyboards for one or two hands
Diamond Multimedia: GyroMouse
Wireless Mouse plus Gyration Inc solid state gyroscopes for wireless 3D control, up to 40 ft,
DSI Datotech Systems Inc.
DatO Gesture Interface Control System combines touchpads with gesture recognition software. The small device has been licensed for production, while Datotech is developing a larger pressure sensative arrays (approx mouse pad size) with 4+ finger tracking and gesture recognition (universal, oem defined, user defined). Proof of Concept complete, Product expected 3Q00.
Fakespace Inc.
Pinch Gloves, NeoWan, NavPod, Cubic Mouse and Spin
Fifth Dimension Technologies
5DT Data Glove, using optical bend sensors. is available in several models: 5 sensor (wired/wireless), 16 sensor (wired/wireless), and MRI (for use in MRI environments).
General Reality Company
GloveGRASP Gestrure Recognition Software package, CyberStick baseless joystick
Handykey Corporation
Twiddler - one handed keyboard/mouse device for PCs
IBVA Technologies, Inc.
BrainWave input controller and software
Resistive Flex & Bend Sensor
Infogrip, Inc.
Bat Personal Keyboard -Chording keyboard with 3 thumb buttons and one for each finger (total 7 buttons)
Interactive Imaging Systems
CyberPuck VR Game Controller - sourceless rotation tracker for PC joystick port.
IXMICRO Gyropoint
Gyropoint II Pro wireless mouse controller for Mac or PC, uses Gyration Inc solid state gyroscope sensors.
Spaceball 4000 FLX, 30003 FLX, SpaceOrb 360 6DOF controllers. Spaceballs are professional desktop devices, while SpaceOrb is a free flying PC game controller.
Labtec -VRSource: Spacetec IMC Corp Controllers
CyberPuck - hand held inertial tracker; Spaceball 6DOF controllers
Magellan Space Mouse (Classic and Pro) and CyberPuck 6DOF desktop devices. ScreenPuck integrates a Space Mouse with a flat panel touch screen display.
Logitech 3D Mouse/Head Tracker
Qualix Direct
The Classic Logitech Ultrasonic tracker, still available from a couple sources
Measurand Inc
Fiber Optic curvature sensors - Shape Sensors & Shape Tape
Mitsubishi CMOS Imaging Sensors
CMOS Imaging Sensors combine a photo-detector array with intelligent image processing to produce Artificial Retina.
Murray Consulting, Inc
Wanda 3-D Joystick using magnetic tracker and digital thumb joystick
Nissho Electonics
SuperGlove - uses proprietary bend sensors
Pegasus Technologies Ltd.
FreeD - wireless 3D joystick - mouse replacement. Uses ultrasonic tracker for use with monitors.
Polhemus - STYLUS
Stylus is a pen-like device housing a 6DOF AC Magnetic tracking sensor.
Reality Fusion GameCam
image recognition software bundled with PC camera for game development - SDK available. GameCam uses a Logitech QuickCam PC video camera to track a players movements and place his image into the game.
Reality Quest - The Glove
Glove device for Nintendo 64 and Playstations.
Second Generation Research Laboratories, LTD. (SGRL)
Titans Sphere - 6DOF controller, XBoard - stand-on controller
Virtual Technologies Inc
CyberGlove, Cyber Grasp Cyber Touch, Grasp Pack backpack option, Virtual Hand Suite 2000 Software
Vivid Group
Mandala Gesture Xtreme System uses video capture, edge finding, and image merge to place user's images into computer gernerated environments.
Wacom PL-300/400 LCD Tablets
Graphic tablets integrated with LCD display for PC, Mac and SGI
Dataglove is an exo-glove that fits over the fingertips and back of the either hand. Two gloves can be used via a single serial port with high data update rates.
Xtensory Inc
XVS-link is a C++ library for interfacing a wide variety of VR Sensors.