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Motion Tracking and Capture Technologies

October 1999

Background Articles Link Pages Research Commercial Vendors

Background Articles

VREPAR Sensing in VR
European VR project background page on sensing/tracking technology

Link Pages

Richard Cray's Performance Animation Links
Lots of links to companies, studios, articles, etc.
Art and Magic WEB site : Motion Capture Links
Game company and home of MOCA optical mocap R&D project
CVonline: Motion and Time Sequence Analysis
Motion section of compendium of computer vision resources


US Naval PostGrad School interact Research Group
Inertial Tracking R&D
Robotics Institute: Articulated Motion Tracking
1997 project on targetless optical motion capture
VISGRAF Motion Capture
IMPA VISGRAF's Motion Capture project (good links)
U. North Carolina Tracker Research Group HiBall optical tracker

Commercial Vendors

Company Products
Acoustic Positioning Systems (APR) inc.
GAMS ultrasonic large area tracker
AKINATON: Optical Motion Capture
Gypsy: Mechanical Motion Capture Suits and Accessories
Ascension Techology Corporation
Magnetic DC, Laser-based and Inertial Trackers; mocap body suits
Crossbow Technology
Inertial MEMS developer
Cyberscan Inc
Optical motion tracking, eye and head trackers in development
Digits N Art
LIFEsource v2.0, combined optical mechanical resistive
FARO Technologies
Faro Arm - Mechanical digitizer
General Reality Company
Cybertrack magnetic compass trackers, Imagetrack - polhemus based body suit
Intersense Inc
Intertrax inertial tracker, IS 600 & IS 900 add ultrasonic for expanable area
Martin Lighting Director Service and Support
Ultrasonic lighting controller using APR GAMS
Mikromak GmbH
Motion Analysis Software - High-Speed Camera Systems
Motion Analysis Corporation
ExpertVision HiRES Optical motion capture systems
Northern Digital Inc
OPTOTRAK and POLARIS Optical Tracking Systems
Origin Instruments Corporation
DynaSight Optical head tracker
Peak Performance
Peak Motus optical non-real time body tracker
Magnetic AC trackers and body suits
Puppet Works
Mechanical body trarckers, Inertial options
Optical motion capture systems
Qualix Direct
Logitech Ultrasonic tracker (Look under 3d devices)
Simulation Special Effects, LLC.
Body Motion Capture Harness for Ascension or Polhemus
Synapse HeadTracker 2000
IR Headtracker for cursor control
Systron Donner Inertial Division
Inertial MEMS developer
The Character Shop
The original mechanical body trackers
Vicon Motion Systems
Optical Motion Capture system and studios
Virtual Technologies, Inc.
CyberGlove hand tracker
Logitech ultrasonic tracker vendor
Mechanical Full body tracker, optical face tracker, data glove