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Information Visualization Links

Jan/Feb 1999

Starting Places Government Research Companies Events
For a much bigger list see my full InfoVis_Links

I highly recommend the book "Readings in Information Visualization" edited by Stuart K. Card, Jock Mackinlay, and Ben Shneiderman.
Also see my trip report on the IEEE InfoVis'98 symposium

Some Good starting places on the web:

Title URL
InfoVis Web Community
OLIVE Online Library of Information Visualization Environments
Peter Young’s Info & Software Vis Documents
Martin Graham’s Information Visualization Links
Web3D Consortium Enterprise Technology Workgroup

Some Government Research Links

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Title & Description URL
ESPRIT eSCAPE project: Inhabited information spaces
USA NIST Visualization and Virtual Reality Group (VVRG): Utility and feasibility of visual displays of information in virtual environments
USA DARPA Intelligent Collaboration and Visualization: Supports numerous VE and collaboration projects.

Representative Companies

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Company Products
Advanced Visual Systems 
300 Fifth Ave 
Waltham, MA 02451, USA 
Tel: 781 890 4300 
Fax: 781 890 8287
AVS data visualization system with visual programming interface is a mainstay of conventional data vis and used in conjunction with VR equipment.
AlterVue System 
1520 East Franklin Street 
Chapel Hill, NC USA 27514 
Tel: 919 929 6111 
Fax: 919 929 1462
VR Charts "first practical application of PC based virtual reality technology for widespread business use" - simple VRML charts in space for PC spreadsheets. Note that Altervue's products were developed by Electrohouse.
Bittco Solutions 
80 Chippewa Road # 220 
Sherwood Park, Alberta, 
Canada T8A 4W8 
Tel: 403 417 8850 
Fax: 403 417 5189
VRtuoso, NeuralVRSite, interactive 3d data visualization and VRML models of web sites
Cartia, Inc. 
1500 114th Avenue S.E. suite 130 
Bellevue, WA, 98004 USA
Tel: (425) 468-9020 
Fax: (425) 468-9099
ThemeScape: an Enterprise Information Mapping tool, automatically extracts the themes and topics from document set, and organizes them into an interactive information topological map. Commercialization of PNL product
Compression Sciences Ltd
2 Chalfont Square
Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 2AJ UK
K-Wiz - a Knowledge Discovery workbench and development tool with visual editor and client/server web deployment.
DTAI, Incorporated 
3900 Harney St. Suite 210 
San Diego, CA 92110 USA
Tel: 619 542 1700
Fax: 619 542 8675
LEIF (Lightweight Extensible Information Framework): a Java framework built on an InfoBus for accessing various data sources into a multiple viewers including maps, 3D, gantt charts, bar charts, pie charts, table views, and integrated Microsoft office products. DARPA funded development.
ECOlogic Corp. 
19 Eye St., NW, 
Washington, DC 20001 USA 
Tel: 800-NET-4001 
Tel: 202-218-4100 
ECOlogic Visualization DataBlade module is an extension to the INFORMIX-Universal Server that offers a comprehensive suite of data visualization and analysis funtions.
300/200 Parham St., Suite D 
Raleigh NC 27601 USA 
Ph./FAX 919-821-5109 
"The Visual Data Mining Company": Active-X, and Java VRML database and 3D UI/Navigation widgets.
Facet Decision Systems, Inc. 
Suite 305, 1505 West 2nd Avenue 
Vancouver, B.C. 
Canada V6H 3Y4 
Tel: (604) 606-8070 
Fax: (604) 739-7753 
Facet integrates object-oriented database, mapping, and image analysis software with an easy-to-use spreadsheet style of graphical user interface.
MUSE Technologies Inc. 
1601 Randolph SE, Suite 210 
Albuquerque, NM 87106 USA
Tel: (505) 843-6873
The µuSE Scalable Solution Environment™, creates a multisensory environment that represents and allows simultaneous interaction with the data so users can very quickly perceive and assimilate important information.
Oracle Worlds 
Oracle Corporation 
500 Oracle Parkway 
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 U.S.A. 
Tel: 650 506 7000 
Fax: 650 506 7200
Oracle Worlds is Oracle's VRML Cartridge for building and deploying business applications in VRML
Randy Woodson 
Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNL) 
P.O. Box 999 / MS K6-48 
Richland, WA 99352 USA 
Tel: 509 376 1482 
Fax: 509 373 0719 
Starlight is one of several infoVis products from this US Govt research facility. It characterizes information content and provides exploratory analysis via visualization system/user interface
PLATINUM Technology, Inc. 
1815 S. Meyers Road 
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181, USA 
Tel: 800 890 7528 
Fax: 630 691 0718 
Platinum, a leading VRML provider with Cosmo, Intervista, VRCreator, has been developing business InfoVis 
applications with cross over products like Forest & Trees,
Portola Systems 
4655 Old Ironsides, Suite 170 
Santa Clara, CA 95054  USA
Tel: 408.588.9710 
Fax: 408.588.9720
Coronado visualization tool ties into Microsoft SQL Server for Charts in Space and more advanced analysis tools.
Silicon Graphics 
2011 N Shoreline Blvd 
Mountain View CA 94043 USA
Tel: 650 960 1980
MineSet: Data Mining Visualization Tool includes trees, geographic, scatter, cluster and other visualizers
Visible Decisions Inc. 
200 Front Street West, 
Suite 2203, P.O. Box 35 
Toronto, ON M5V 3K2 Canada
Tel: 416 595 6282 
Fax: 416 595 7292 
1-888-7-3D-DATA (1-888-733-3282)
VDI is one of the leaders in InfoVis. They are very active in building high end business visualization into corporate board rooms.
Visual Numerics, Inc. 
1300 W. Sam Houston Pkwy S., Ste. 150 
Houston, Texas 77042 USA 
Tel: 800-222-4675 
Tel: 713-784-3131 
FAX: 713-781-9260 
Visual Numerics, PV_Wave is a well known tool for advanced client/server mathematical, and staistical solutions with visual analysis tools.

Events of Note

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IEEE InfoVis ’99 
San Francisco, California USA 
Oct 24-29 1999 
23 - 26 February 1999, 
Paderborn, Germany
IV'99 International Conference on Information Visualisation
14-16 July 1999
London, England
VisSym ’99 : Joint Eurographics -IEEE TCCG  Symposium on Visualization 
May 26-28, Vienna Austria