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Immersive Projection Displays

August/September 1999

Events & Proceedings Some Academic Systems Commercial Vendors

Events & Proceedings

Immersive Projection Technology Workshop (IPT) 97
Proceedings from Springer-Verlag, ISBN 3-540-63339-1
Immersive Projection Technology Workshop (IPT) IPT '98
Proceedings on CDROM from ISU Virtual Reality Applications Center, 515-294-3092
Immersive Projection Technology Workshop (IPT) IPT'99
Proceedings from Springer-Verlag, ISBN 3-540-65906-4
Immersive Projection Technology Workshop (IPT) IPT 2000
June 19th-20th, 2000 Ames, Iowa, USA
Proceedings from IEEE,

Some Academic Systems

Fraunhofer IGD
Georgia Tech, Virtual Environments Group
Simple VE Toolkit:
GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology

Iowa State U. Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC)
VR Juggler Software:

US NCSA Visualization and Virtual Environments Division
US National Applied Software Engineering Center (NASEC)
Princeton U. Immersive Interactive System
U. Illinois - Chicago (UIC) EVL - Electronic Visualization Laboratory
U.Minnesota PowerWall
U.Tokyo Haptics for IPD
Virginia Tech CAVE

Commercial Vendors

Company Products
3-D Video
USA Phone: 888-883-3843
Phone: 805-963-5990
Fax: 805-963-9770.
Nu-Shades - Liquid Crystal Shutter Glasses
Alternate Realities Corporation
1301 South Briggs Avenue, Suite 100
Durham, NC 27703 USA
Phone: 919-596-8900
Fax: 919-596-2848
VisionDomes portable, multi-user, single projection dome environments. (4, 5, 7 meter and custom)
AmPro Corporation
525 John Rodes Boulevard
Melbourne, FL 32934
Phone: 407-254-3000
Toll-Free: 800-254-3001
Fax: 407-253-3001
LCD projectors and projection systems
CRT and LCD Projectors, Stereoscopic support, Baron Table IPD, split head projector CAD Wall
Cadcentre Group plc
High Cross
Madingley Road
Cambridge CB3 0HB
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1223 556655
Fax: +44 (0)1223 556666
Group Visualization solution combines Review Reality software with wall display.
2231 Calle De Luna
Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
Phone: +1-408-919-9100
Fax: +1-408-919-9120

3D REVELATOR stereoscopic shutter glasses.

Evans & Sutherland
600 Komas Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Tel: (801) 588-7405
Digital Theater products include StarRider (PC & IG) for domed theatres
Electrohome Projection Systems
809 Wellington St. N.
Kitchener, Ontario Canada
N2G 4J6
Phone: 519 744-7111
Toll-Free: 1-800-265-2171
FAX: (519) 749-3136
CRT and LCD Projectors. (recently split from Electrohome Ltd, parent of Fakespace/Pyramid)
Fakespace Inc.
241 Polaris Ave.
MountainView, CA 94043 USA
Phone: (650) 688-1940
FAX: (650) 688-1949

Combined Pyramid/Fakespace IPD products include the CAVE, Immersive WorkRooms, WorkWall, Workbench, Mini-Workbench, VersaBench, ImmersaDesk

16921 Crystal Cave Drive,
Austin, TX 78737 USA
Phone: 512 894 0562

Flodome and Flostation provide single user rear projected dome IPDs

Goto Optical Manufacturing Co.
4-16 Yazaki-cho, Fuchu City,
Tokyo 183-8530, Japan
Phone: 81-423-62-5311

The Virtuarium was the first full color dome (planetarium) projector system for computer generated imagery.
Hewlett Packard
Palo Alto, California USA

HP VISUALIZE Center and HP VISUALIZE Workgroup IPDs combine Panoram projection systems with HP computers.

Hughes-JVC Technology Corporation
2310 Camino Vida Roble
Carlsbad, CA 92009 USA
Tel: (760) 929-5300
Fax: (760) 929-5410
Large screen projectors using Image Light Amplifier (ILA) liquid crystal light valve Very high brightness.
Immersion Studios
Exhibition Place, Music Building
285 Manitoba Drive, Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6K 3C3
Phone: (416) 260-7711
Fax: (416) 260-7495
Immersion reality theatres complete digital interactive cinemas

MechDyne Corporation
11 E. Church Street, P.O. Box 1448
Marshalltown, IA 50158 USA
Phone: 515 754-4649
Fax: 515 754-4650

One of the leading system integrators creating wide variety of systems from custom
table designs up to re-configurable CAVE/Theatre combos.

MetaVR, Inc.
37 Elm Street
Brookline, MA 02445-6813 USA
phone: US 617-739-2667
fax: US 617-249-0151

VRSG rack mounted PC based image generators with hardware synchornization between multiple IGs.

MultiGen-Paradigm, Inc
50 South Winchester Blvd., Suite 500
San Jose, CA 95128 USA
Tel: 408 261 4100
Fax: 408 261 4103

Vega Immersive and Vega Non-Linear Distortion Correction support IPDs with tracking and curved screens

6810 Santa Teresa Boulevard,
San Jose, CA 95119
Phone: 408.361.9999
Fax: 408.361.9980

Heavy Metal rack mounted PC based image generators with frame and sync lock.

Panoram Technologies, Inc.
10951 Pendleton St.
Sun Valley, CA 91352 USA
Tel: (818) 504-0714
Fax: (818) 504-0636

Edge blending hardware, curved, flat and rear projected wall IPDs

RMH Agentur für neue Medien GmbH
Beethovenstraße 5-13
D-50674 Köln
Cologne Germany
Phone: +49 221 27225-0
Fax: +49 221 27225-10

Cyberstage 4 side room stereo display system


WTK Immersive Display Option

SEOS Displays Ltd.
Edward Way, Burgess Hill,
West Sussex, RH15 9UE, U.K.
Tel +44 (0) 1444 870 888
Fax +44 (0) 1444 870 777

Worlds leading supplier of visual display systems to simulation industry. PRODAS projectors have excellent geometry correction, luminance control, automated setup, etc.

Spitz Inc
P.O. Box 198 RT. 1
Chadds Ford, PA 19317
Phone: (610) 459-5200
Fax:(610) 459-3830

Planetaria, Domes and immersive theatres construction and content production/library.


Excellent web site on all types of stereoscopic glasses from homebrew to professional

StereoGraphics Corporation
2171 E. Francisco Blvd.
San Rafael, CA 94901 U.S.A.
Phone: 415-459-4500
Toll-Free USA: 800-783-2660
FAX: 415-459-3020

Crystal Eyes are the premier LCD shutter glasses. Projection Z-Screen puts the shutter on the projector so audience wears inexpensive plastic or paper polarized eyewear

TAN Projektionstechnologie GmbH

Cube™ -room IPD
Holobench (Dual plane table)
Responsive Workbench, Stereovision single projector Wall and TANORAMA™ multichannel wall.

Trimension Systems Limited
Whittle House
Ashwyn Business Centre
Marchants Way
Burgess Hill, West Sussex
RH15 8QY
Tel: +44 (0)1444 250888

Probably the worlds largest IPD vendor with extensive experience building Reality Rooms, Domes, Tables, Walls, etc. SEOS is a sister company.

Vision Research Graphics Inc.
99A Madbury Road
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 868-2090 voice (with answering machine)
(603) 868-1352 fax

develops and sells stereoscopic
computer graphics display systems for teaching and research in human

VR Systems
Unit 8, Home Farm Business Centre,
East Tytherley Road, Lockerley,
Romsey, Hampshire. UK S051 OLW.
Tel: (01794) 342050
Fax: (01794) 342051

CyberSphere was a sphereical IPD free to rotate in any direction. Although shown on BBC in April 1998, its current status is unknown.

VRCO, Inc.
330 S. Wells Street Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60606
Voice: +1-312-344-5120
Fax: +1-978-336-0228

Software and consulting company. Provices Commercally supported EVL CAVE Lib and other IPD tools.

VRex, Inc.
85 Executive Blvd.
Elmsford, NY 10523
Tel: (914) 345-8877
Fax: (914) 345-877

Stereoscopic Projectors, Shutter Glasses, software, etc.