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Alternative I/O

March 2000

Eye Tracking
Background Events Commercial Research
Nerual and Other IO
Vision Enhancment Neural IO Background Neural IO Research Neural IO Commercial
Body-Computer Art Muscle Stimulation ElectroAccupuncture Pulsar

Eye Tracking Background

VisionScience: Internet Resource for Research in Human and Animal Vision
Eye Controlled Media: Present and Future State 1995
Clemson Virtual Reality Eye Tracking (VRET) Lab
eye-movement discussion list
EMED: Eye Movement Equipment Database, IBS, University of Derby

Eye Tracking Events

Eye Tracking Research & Applications Symposium 2000
Eye-Based Interaction in Graphical Systems SIGGRAPH 2000: Course 5
Smart Graphics AAAI 2000 Spring Symposium
See paper: A Platform for Gaze-Contingent Virtual Environments

Eye Tracking Research

Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen - Eye Tracking Labs
ClemsonUC Berkeley Schor Lab
U. Durham Centre for Vision and Visual Cognition
Trueswell Lab: Head-Mounted Eyetracking Lab
CMU/U.Karlsruhe Interactive Systems Labs - MUTLI MODAL SYSTEMS
Image Recognition Laboratory: Realtime Measurement of Ocular Alignment
San Diego State University Eye-Tracking
Colorado State U. EyeTracking

Commercial Eye Tracking

For a really good list of commercial systems see:
EMED: Eye Movement Equipment Database, IBS, University of Derby
Applied Science Laboratories (ASL) Home Page
SMI-SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH Germany
(Parent to Visual Interaction - new low cost eye tracker vender)
Express Eye - stand-alone Eye Tracker
VisionKey Home Page
NAC Image Technology-Vision Research Products
EyeTech ds
Fourward Optical Techonlogies Inc.
TE-9101 Eye Behavior Interface Unit
The Eyegaze System Makers, LC Technologies, Inc.
vision control systems
KSI Eagle Eye
The Eyegaze System Makers, LC Technologies, Inc.
SMI-SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH Germany
Skalar IRIS
IOTA EyeTrace Systems
Alphabio's Home page, General description of the system

Vision Enhancment

Sight Systems: ELVIS
Innovative Low Vision Solutions For People With Macular Degeneration

Neural I/O Background

EEGSpectrum: Implementation of Virtual Reality in EEG biofeedback
Scientific American: Article: Controlling Computers With Neural Signals: October 1996
FutureHealth Inc
Wide range of links and background articles on neurofeedback, etc.
Delsys Inc: A Discussion on Surface Electromyography: Detection and Recording.
HICS '98: Fourth Symposium on Human Interaction with Complex Systems
Contains " Hands-Free Input Devices for Wearable Computers" by G.L. Calhoun and G.R. McMillan

Neural I/O Research

US AFRL/Human Effectiveness: Crew Systems Interface Division
Will Penny, Oxford University: Brain Computer Interface Project
Colorado State U. EEG Research
U. of Technology, Sidney The Mind Switch
Jack Culpepper, Harvy Mudd College

Neural I/O Commercial

Biofeedback Instrument Corporation
Desc: VAR for many EEG/EMG (MindSet, etc) and other devices.
Brain Actuated Technologies, Inc.
BrainMaster Technologies
Discovogue- English
FitSense Technology
IBVA Technologies, Inc -- Vital Signs Online

Body-Computer Art

Paras Kaul
Teresa Marrin

Muscle Stimulation

MIT TechRev: Mind over Muscles


EAV - ElectroAccupuncture by Voll's Method
Microcurrent Rresearch, Inc.

Pulsar/Dave Warner

Dave Warner's PhD Physio-Informatics
Physio Info Tronic Couplers; Biotics