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3D Scanner Technology Review

Aug/Sept 1998

3D Scanner Gallery

3D PET/MRI Scan 3-D PET and MRI scans in human show brain activation triggered by clozapine
3D Scanner Model Maker combines with a laser scanning head with a Faro Arm.
CATCO Laser Mapping System provides site mapping capabilities
CGI CSS 1000 combines a laser scanner with a milling machine.
Cyberware's Whole Body Scanner is one of several systems they sell. There are also many Cyberware service centers.
Digibotics makes an automated laser scanner.
Faro makes a wide variety of armature devices.
Screen shot of EOS PhotoModeler used to model an Ambulance.
Hand Held scanner from Polhemus/Applied Research Associates
General Dynamics GLMX utilizes images space and aircraft to generate 3d models
GTCO Freepoint 3D Ultrasonic Digitizer
Imageware's Surfacer software
ImageGuided Flashpoint 3D localizer in medical application
Immersion's Microscribe
In-Harmony Venus 3D camera and animated head scan
Innovmetric's Polyworks aligns mesh data from image scans
Inspeck 3DCapturor camera and animated head scan
K2T scanned the T-Rex hall at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Kreon Industrie 3D Laser Scanner
Laser Design
Most of Laser Technology's products are geared to the survey and measurement industry.
MetaCreations Real Time Geometry Group provides hardware as well as advanced software for real time polygon creation from scanned data.
Minolta's Vivid 700 is a portable laser scanner.
NRC first high resolution 3-D Color digitizing of a vase (1990). Shows greyscale depth map and image map as captured, along with point cloud and rendered Vase.
NeruoScan's Curry combines the results of EEG/MEG measurements with image modalities like MRI, CT.
Northern Digital's Optotrack uses infrared tracking on a manual digitizing probe
Percepetron makes a family of Laser scanners for different industries.
Roland Digital Group's Picza is a desktop scanner for the PC.
Romer Inc. has a family of articulate arms, marketed primarily as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).
Steinbichler Comet 100 sensor uses white light triangulation.
Vexcel FotoG model of a chemical transfer facility at a national laboratory. It was made to update P&ID documents for facility management. The entire project was completed in 3 weeks with only 4 hours (2 men) on site. A total of 200 photographs were taken of the facility which covered an area of 120ft x 160 ft. Accuracy was approximately 1 cm.
The Virtuoso® shape camera Portable, Instantaneous acquisition of 3D geometry, with no field calibration required.
VirtuoZo creates 3D images from ortho-rectified images for New Zealand Department of Survey and Land Information.